Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses your services?

Poor image knows no boundaries. Ask the owner of a small apartment community not renting apartments or a large corporation whose bottom line that has been impacted by false customer perceptions. All aspects of business can benefit from the honest knowledge gained through our services.

How is Cirrus Marketing Intelligence different from the competition?

Our focus is always you! Small or large you are treated as if you are our only client. You are a partnership, not just an account. We expect high performance standards from every team member at Cirrus including the shoppers. How could we be in the business of helping companies understand what good customer service is without expecting the same from ourselves. That would be hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

Are your services affordable?

Yes! We strike the perfect balance between pricing and quality. At Cirrus, we provide affordable solutions with no fear of compromise. No long term contract restrictions, set up fees or monthly minimums.

Who will handle our account?

Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will personally assist and facilitate your program. They will work side by side to ensure all aspects of your program run in a smooth and effortless manner. You can expect deadlines to be met, phone calls to be returned and a professional partner at every turn.

Do we have to develop our own forms?

If you already have a fully developed program when you come to Cirrus, great! We can have your program up and running in 5-7 days. No clue where to start? Our experienced team will assist you from concept to completion! We can have a brand new program up and running in less than 2 weeks…at no additional cost.

How do I get the results?

We deliver results through our advanced on-line reporting system available to your company 24/7. We ensure that your data is available securely, quickly, and accurately and contains features such as, high/low score alerts, access to instant statistical reports and graphs, recorded phone calls, direct email function and much more.

Can I choose the access levels appropriate to my company hierarchy?

Yes! Our system is designed to allow access only on a “need to know” basis. Each authorized user is assigned a unique log-in and password, only allowing access to their designated level.

Are you a full service research firm or do you only conduct mystery shops?

We are a fully-integrated organization that provides a wide range of traditional marketing research techniques to support our customers' total efforts.

How can we be sure quality shoppers are used by Cirrus?

Simple, through our shopper performance guarantee. We choose each and every shopper with results in mind. We expect professionalism and quality in everything they do, from how their reports are written, how quickly they are processed, and how they conduct themselves during assignments. Our “No Nonsense” policy means you can expect quality every time.

Is the Cirrus shopper workforce nationwide?

Yes! By collecting 1.5 million experiences over the last 17 years we have a database of over 81,000 shoppers. We have shoppers in places you never thought possible.

Are we ready?

You bet!