Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mystery Shopper or Auditor?

An individual without an agenda who evaluates customer service, product placement, food quality, timeliness, attitude, pricing, etc. They measure, assess and offer first hand feedback on what matters to our clients. You help them make decisions that directly impact their bottom line.

Who are Cirrus Shoppers/Auditors?

We utilize college students, housewives, retirees, doctors, nurses, office managers or anyone else who is looking to supplement their income. Our workforce comes from all walks of life and is a direct representation of the general public.

Do I need any special or specific skills?

No! You just need to be someone who is detail- oriented, reliable, able to observe and communicate efficiently, professional in demeanor and willing to take your assignment seriously.

May I perform the same type of service for other mystery shopping companies?

Yes! As an independent contractor you are free to perform similar types of assignments for other mystery shopping companies. Keep in mind our program guidelines/expectations may be different from other companies you work for, but you can work for whoever you choose.

Can I tell my friends and family what I do?

Yes and No! As an independent contractor, you are required to sign a confidentiality agreement stating you will not discuss details of your assignments. Prohibiting you from sharing sensitive information such as client names, evaluation criteria, etc., protects our clients and everything that is confidential pertaining to them. You can reveal what you do…but NEVER discuss the details.

I am a Cirrus Shopper/Auditor now what?

First we say, “Welcome”! Depending on the particular assignment you are doing for us, you will have specific expectations and guidelines to follow for that particular client. Your assigned Scheduler or Account Manager will be your contact point and their contact information is found in your confirmation e-mail.

Where do I find my guidelines?

Once you have completed your scheduler initiation/consultation, you will be sent the job assignment via Cirrus360.

Will my assignment performance be “graded”?

Yes. Every time you complete and submit an assignment the editor reviewing your submission will assign a grade ranging from 1-10, with 10 being the best. The purpose of this process is to establish a baseline for your performance as a Cirrus shopper for future assignments. You will be fully versed on grading expectations during your first scheduler consultation.

Is Cirrus Marketing Intelligence a member of MSPA (Mystery Shoppers Providers Association)?

Yes! Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) is the largest professional organization dedicated to improving service quality by using anonymous resources. Cirrus is among an elite group of mystery shopping companies that consistently demonstrates high ethical and professional standards.

What is Shopper Certification?

The MSPA recognizes that mystery shopping/auditing is to be treated as profession, not a passing hobby. Addressing shopper standardization, education and certification is necessary. They have developed an on-line Silver Certification program and a more in-depth Gold Certificate program, which is offered as an in-person workshop and as a DVD. Mystery shopping companies are always looking to hire the best and brightest, and this certification is one method of setting you apart from the rest. If you are interested in becoming a certified shopper from the MSPA, please visit their website,

How will I receive assignments from Cirrus?

Our schedulers utilize a state-of-the-art system that matches available assignments with our shoppers/auditors. No worries, our schedulers will find you by zip code and pair you with current assignments available in the areas indicated in your profile in which you are interested.

How do I ensure I am contacted for additional assignments from Cirrus?

By completing your assignment on time with the required information, free of spelling and grammatical errors and within the assigned guidelines. What we are most interested in are details, details, details. You are the eyes and ears of our clients and you must be able to communicate every detail of your assignment to us.

Payment Processing?

INVOICE Submission:

EVERY shopper MUST submit an invoice for services rendered. As a subcontractor it is your responsibility to submit a completed invoice at month end.

If you don't have an invoice, you should be given a copy of an invoice by your scheduler during your initial scheduler interaction (PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR SSN# until asked for).

NEXT, your payment from Cirrus will be made through PayPal…no exceptions! We are very sorry but we are unable to issue hard-copy checks due to past fraudulent activities. Getting paid for an assignment depends solely on whether or not you completed the assignment correctly.

To sign up for a PayPal account you can go to Once payment is processed, you will receive a notification from PayPal saying…"You’ve got money!”

If you completed your shop during this month...Payment processing begins month end (hits PayPal usually 3-5 after month end):
February May
March June

Am I responsible for taxes?

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for reporting your own earnings. Cirrus will provide a 1099 Miscellaneous Income form, as required by law, if you earn more than $600 from us during a calendar year. If you have questions regarding tax liability, contact your tax advisor. We do not provide a statement or listing of your earnings unless the $600 amount is exceeded. However, you may access your shop logs in your shopper profile at any time to obtain this information.

What else do I need to know?

That is quite a bit of information for now! What we did not cover will be covered by your Scheduler and Account Manager…then you will be a fully prepared Cirrus shopper/auditor.