Take Customer Experience Management To A Whole New Level

Knowing what your customers think and how they interact with your brand is critical to your ongoing success. Through mystery shopping and other services, Cirrus delivers the intelligence you need to set a company standard and maintain it at every level of your organization. And we guarantee it 100%. It’s the power of perception. Find out how we’ve collected 1.75 million experiences and utilized more than 100,000 mystery shoppers over the last 20 years to raise quality and service to new levels for our clients — and how we can do the same for you. As a long-time member of the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association, the largest professional trade association in the world, Cirrus is among an elite group of companies that consistently demonstrates the highest ethical and professional standards.

We have made it our business to know the mechanics of your industry and understand the importance of sector-specific driven services. Headquartered in Anaheim, California since 1993, we partner with a variety of industries on a nationwide basis through mystery shopping and various other business intelligence services for sectors such as: Apartment/Multifamily, Amusement Parks, Automotive, Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, Fitness, Hotel/Spa, Movie Theatres, Restaurants, Retail, Self-Storage, Supermarkets, and Timeshares.

Customer experience management for ANY industry is essential to upholding your brand promise and customer satisfaction. Cirrus Marketing Intelligence employs nationwide mystery shopping, customer feedback surveys and brand compliance audits to define, refine, and manage your customer experience. So you get the real-time, ongoing information you need to boost revenue and create an authentic brand experience day after day!

What Our Clients Say About Our Mystery Shopping Services

"2 years ago I contacted Cirrus to help create a mystery shopping program for our Customer Service Team. The service and the staff are excellent. I would highly recommend their services!"

F. McEwen - United States Medical Supply, Inc.

The Cirrus team has far exceeded our expectations! Their secret shoppers are accurate and clearly committed to providing a robust secret shopping report.

C. Clark - Apartment Management Partners

“Cirrus has consistently shown a strong commitment to customer service and mystery shop accuracy. They are the most responsive and attentive vendor with which I’ve had the pleasure to do business.”

C. Goochey - Lewis Apartment Communities

“Cirrus is dedicated, professional, and efficient. Not only do you get one on one consulting, but they go above and beyond expectations and provide excellent mystery shopping services every time.“

M. Khuu - The Bascom Group

"The fantastic Cirrus team goes the extra mile insuring the highest level of satisfaction. Reliability, accuracy and attention to detail is why they stand apart from other mystery shopping companies."

N. Peiffer-Seitz - SARES-REGIS Group

"The team at Cirrus was able to meet our mystery shopping needs by providing the right resources to achieve our research goals. Their professionalism and responsiveness exceeded our expectations."

J. Johnson - NCR Corporation